twinkle twinkle little star

Ge didn't talk until he was right around 2 and a half. It wasn't because he couldn't talk, but because he refused to do so in front of people until he felt like he had mastered it. While he was in his silent phase he would hide in his room and when he thought no one was looking he would talk to himself, listening closely to the sounds of his voice and perfecting the words that he knew. At least once a day he could be found hiding in his room quietly working on mama, ball, balloon, and papa. When he started to talk he would do so only in whispers and then one day he just burst out in long sentences full of demands and questions. He is amazing with his words now; speaking in sentences of 6 or more words usually, and is up to four syllable words. We couldn't be any prouder of how smart the little shit is, but we were always surprised by how much he hates music.

Listening to the radio in the car will illicit, "mom turn that off, I hate that radio." Singing songs to him usually leads to him screaming, "mom don't do that. I hate it when you do that." He has never joined in on a sing along, hasn't danced to music in the last year, and has all out started a hate war on everything lyrical. On his second birthday he burst out into tears and screamed at us for singing him happy birthday. The kid hates music. Enter Chunk. The Chunky loves her some music. She loves it when I sing to her and Ge recently started to allow me to sing - only to Chunk and only songs that he approves of. It took me weeks to get him to let me sing the ABC's, he is just starting to love the fact that Old McDonald has a farm, and he definitely enjoys his sister's favorite - the original Ticky Tack theme song from Weeds.

I always thought that Ge was going to hate songs, maybe they just aren't his thing, but I was wrong. Much like talking he was just frustrated that he couldn't do it. As I type this him and his Daddy are playing in his room and he keeps asking him to sing him a made up song about being an alligator. Months ago this never would have happened, but Ge has been having closed door sessions with himself on a daily basis. Once a day he will go into his room, close the door, and practice singing about twinkling stars and the letters of the alphabet. Normally he stops when he knows I am listening, but his comfort level is growing because today he gave me the first two lines of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in spoken form. He might not be ready for American Idol, but watching him get more comfortable with himself is such a delightful thing.

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