my little annoyance

as a little girl i love my little pony. i loved my little pony so much that i probably would have tried to fight someone if they told me that one day i would grow up and utter the words, "i am so fricking sick of my little pony." i would like to see 8 year old me take on 30 year old me now, though, because i am so fricking sick of my little pony that i could my little pony vomit my brains out. 

a few weeks ago i turned an episode of my little pony on via fios on demand to see if i could entertain chunk for a moment while i fed her. what little girl doesn't love ponies? why wouldn't she stay entertained? chunk was mildly amused, but i think she spent more time contemplating crushing the spirit of the ponies and stealing the wings off the ones that can fly, rather than loving the show. but ge, sweet little pony loving ge, took note of the show and stored it away until this week. this week ge decided to pull my little pony out of the back of his mind and decide that that is the only thing that matters anymore in the world. ponies. fricking ponies. all ge wants to watch is the damn pony show, and there are only 4 episodes on on demand so i am pretty damn sick of everything pony related. i remember as a child brushing their pony hair all lovingly like, but right now i want to rip their manes out and shove them down their pony throats. 

i had the same problem this week with candy land. i finally talked ge into playing a full length game with me instead of him just walking his person straight up the board and taking mine away in order to keep me the looser he enjoys me being. i used to think that candy land was full of magic and that the game was complicated and genius, but really it's just picking a bunch of cards and irritating as hell. and so now i am left wondering - was everything in my youth that i found awesome completely lame? am i going to find out one day that pogs was actually not the coolest game in the world? was the care bear stare as worldly and peace making as i found it to be? was clothes lining a kid to the point of pain during red rover not as satisfying as i thought it was? i am sure the last one is completely incorrect because i still find enjoyment in the pain inflicted to others during red rover, but who really knows. who. really. knows. 

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