notes on a chunk

i wanted to make a note, mostly for myself, about chunk's vocabulary growing. she seems to be learning a word about every week or two and is starting to feel comfortable speaking more in front of her daddy.

mama (that's me!)
dada or just plain da (for daddy)
baba (bottle)
no (a constant)
go (which is usually go go!)
shoooo (shoes)
cha choo (trains)
mowww (every time she sees mickey mouse)
ge (her brother)
bye (as in, i can't believe your punk ass is leaving me)
ow (she uses this one when she hits us)
weeee!!! (when she pushes her little people animals down their zoo slide)

animal sounds -

moooo (she loves cows)
meow (and kitties)
rawr (her first and most used sound - she loves dinosaurs)

body parts she knows -


she hasn't really picked up much signing, but when she is hungry she will spit out her pacie and point to her mouth - hard to miss that one. 

she loves books, thinks being tickled is hilarious, plays tag with her brother, loves to be rough housed, and points to everything she thinks she should have and breaks out into tears if you won't give her whatever it is she thinks she wants. little chunk is adventurous and is gaining an independent streak that surprises me after all of her attachment needs. she still prefers mac and cheese, but she loves broccoli and yogurt, too. little girl drinks milk like it might not exist tomorrow, but she is also a solid water drinker if given the chance. 

ge man update to come soon. :) 

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