i don't have to wonder

the chunk is being the absolutely awful. my last 3 days have consisted of her either yelling at me, or flipping the other coin and being a complete maniac. yesterday she started laughing at herself and the things she was doing - something she had never done before. i know from raising ge man that she is probably in the middle of a massive wonder week (month? life?) either that or my mom said she is about to start her period. i think it's safe to assume that one of those is plausible. or not. whatever.

i am hoping that chunk comes out of this wonder week with some pretty cool new abilities. maybe she will be able to do fractions, or bake me a pie, or maybe she just won't feel like screaming at me for absolutely no reason. mostly i am just hoping that tomorrow will be easier because it is house cleaning day. usually she decides to be at her absolute worst on house cleaning day, which would mean that house cleaning day might become mommy checks into a mental clinic day. or daddy brings mommy home a bottle of wine day. or fuck it, who cares about this stupid house and all of its toys let's go eat a cheeseburger day.

ge man's 4th birthday was absolutely fantastic. we weren't able to go to please touch because gage and i both had severe gastrointestinal flu, but we were able to spend the weekend together and that is always a good thing. ge and i went to the pottery studio on saturday and he painted an angry birds piggy bank, afterwords i spoiled him a bit at toys r us, and we both talked about how awesome it was to get to spend a mommy and ge day. i need to write his 4 year letter, but it's hard because the little man just means so damn much to me. his birth changed me forever and i love him so much for that, and for so many other reasons.

on his actual bday he woke up to happy birthday signs, balloons (his favorite), and a bunch of gifts to open and enjoy. we had been telling him for a month that nana had sent him an awesome bday present so when he opened up her other present first, some really cute super hero underwear, he burst out with, "UnderWear!? UGH. That's IT!?!?" i love the honesty of kids. fabulous. he loved his leappad (the big gift), his new squishy football (thanks brook and tom!), super hero movie and book, art stuff, leappad games, and catwoman (for his bat cave and joker house). we had a super hero day complete with batman cake and playtime in our capes and with batman. he really seemed to have had a great day, even if he was still under the weather a bit. he is a champ. and i am so proud to have a little 4 year old man.

we are still waiting to hear a move date for virginia, but i am so ready to go. my apartment walls feel like they are closing in on me with the prospect of 3 (3!) whole bedrooms. plus, a kitchen table! my living room and dining room won't be toy boxes anymore and i cannot wait. plus, virginia sounds good. my mom says the most important part is the ham, and i like ham, so i must like virginia. i especially like ham when you saute up some onions in butter and red pepper, brown the ham in the mixture, add in eggs, and top it with cheese. if virginia is like that, especially if virginia is sour cream and hot sauce on top of that, then i will love it.

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