crazy chunk

for my records -

  • chunk is counting to three just for the fun of it, but is counting to 2 for actual number purposes
  • she recognizes and names stars, hearts, and circles
  • she is just full on talking now
  • the can pronounce a handful of 3 syllable words
  • she knows all of her body parts and can identify them by name and touch
  • her knowledge of animals and their sounds is out of control
  • she is still obsessed with mickey mouse
  • her jelly cats are the loves of her life
  • she likes to kick me in the face at night when she says goodnight
  • she is really freaking strong
  • she loves water and doesn't care if it gets in her eyes
  • she will eat anything you give her and prefers spicy foods to sweet
  • seriously, she ate jalapeno slices off her dad's hamburger
  • she loves to give hugs and has to hug all of us once she gets started
  • she hates shoes
  • she never leaves the house without moo moo or monkey
  • she hates slides, but loves to climb on playground equipment
  • she does pretty well in the car for the most part
  • the kid can throw a wicked tantrum
  • often
  • her favorite game is hide and seek 
  • she knows the difference between push / pull and over / under
  • she says please and thank you
  • she hates cold milk, but loves it warm and in a bottle
  • carrying her around feels a lot like carrying a portable heater that's turned on
  • a heavy portable heater
  • she won't nap in her crib anymore, but she will put herself down for a nap on her kitty couch
  • she is pretty consistent on her bed time routine, but won't sleep without gage in the room
  • everything gage says or does is the most amazing and brilliant thing ever
  • she loves playing outside with her water table and pool
  • she doesn't really care that other kids exist and does her own thing on play dates
  • she is hilarious and loves to have videos taken of her
  • she may be mean as shit, but she can also be the sweetest little girl in the world
  • i feel lucky every day to be her mommy :)

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