girl's night

tonight my husband is giving me the awesome opportunity to leave him alone with the kids while i have a designated driver take myself and my bottle of wine to a friend's house so i may sit and enjoy a glass of wine and a conversation where no one screams at me or punches their brother. the husband is obviously trying to win man of the year award because i never get to do anything like that. i haven't done anything like that since chunk was born. ladies night / book club / wine club - call it what you want, i will just call me excited.

that leads me to what i am thankful for today and that is the awesome group of ladies that i have met here since we moved. i haven't always been the social type, but these ladies have made it easy to call them friends. i was worried when i took up the group that i would find myself trapped in the land of catty, judgy, bitchy like women and i would come home from my first playdate and declare women to be impossible to get along with and continue my life of days spent with just chunk and ge and try not to pull my hair out. but that didn't happen. and for that, i am grateful. because now i can send my kids to the park to watch them play while i have a conversation with someone who not only understands why i am frustrated that i can't get chunk to stop taking toys away from her brother, they also don't mind hearing about it. that's the best damn therapy a stay at home mom could ever get.

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  1. You deserve a good man and good friends. <3 Im happy for you!