chunk said her first word round 4:30 am this morning. what was most impressive about chunk's first word was that it was so well crafted that it seemed like her first sentence. she had woken up for her normal early morning hour bottle, one that i usually take her into the kitchen to make, but since her dad was also awake i left her in bed with him so i could navigate the darkness and make the morning bottle with two hands. sweet convenience. i made it roughly three steps out of our bedroom door when, much to my surprise, chunk screamed "MAMA!" and the way she screamed it you could almost see the full sentence of feelings hanging in the air - "you get your bitch ass back here and take me with you or i will make you pay, mama." and i did. because i am terrified of her. 

the miniature dictator can pack quite a punch in that little voice of hers. she likes to complain, a lot, and knows how to work a tantrum the second she doesn't get exactly what she wants. she has beautiful dimples that shine through so cutely when she is happy. she loves to shake her head back and forth for comedic effect. she loves to clap her hands and celebrate little moments - especially the ones where she pulls off something evil, like stealing her brother's favorite toys away from him. she is starting to laugh more, still wants to snuggle constantly, and maintains a solid routine that will create a world of chaos if disrupted. she is a challenging baby, but she is so worth every second of it. 

this has been a long month + for us. work hasn't especially been kind to the husband and the heat hasn't been kind to the kids and i. it feels like we have been in one giant transition month with the kids learning this or that about themselves and how to manipulate those around them. chunk and ge are very different children and that can, at times, come with a bit of a challenge. ge likes order and structure and chunk likes to destroy those things. ge has to give a lot during the day, so during chunk's naps i set aside special time for us to play trains, read a book, paint, etc. so he gets some time in with me that doesn't involve a giant 10 month old baby smashing and eating everything in sight. we are trying to find a balance, but sometimes that takes time. i guess. i mean, that's what i am hoping.

ge is finally eating. he is still a vegetarian, save for chicken nuggets, but he is actually eating three meals a day and asking for food. he has been such a shitty eater his entire life so it is nice to hear the words, "mom, i am hungry." he can count to 15, knows all of his uppercase letters, is working on his lowercase, knows all of his colors and the basic shapes (we are working on hexa/penta/wtfagons). if you ask him what some words start with (mom, papa, daddy, ball) he can tell you. i was hoping to have him reading soon, but the lowercase letters are really stressing him out for some reason. i don't know if we should have started with those. he works hard on those things and is such a good learner. kiddo has an amazing sense of humor and loves to learn new words and phrases. one of my favorite phrases he says is, "no waaaayyyy!" he often says this after a word or phrase is said that he doesn't know and will be all like, "campaign finance reform, no waaayyyy!"

our days are never boring and our nights are never exciting. most nights by 8 pm i am so exhausted that i am ready to collapse. i love it - i love them. i wouldn't trade these years for anything. 

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  1. What all do you do with Gage to help him learn everything? I need some tips on getting max to start learning more and talking more! Love you lady