today is my sister's birthday!

happy birthday, brook!

my sister has always been the person i look up to in my life, the person i fear getting slaughtered by in a debate (she's wicked smart, yo), and the person that has always been so consistently her that i marvel at everything she is. when we were younger my sister had the coolest chemistry set and the best color me badd tape on the block. when my sister graduated high school she spent her days hiking with the little red dogs out by the buffalo and mastering the art of drinking tequila better than everyone else. when my sister goes to work for a company she becomes the balls of the operation - men and women fear and respect her brilliance and her take no prisoners approach. when my sister decided she could cook she became the gourmet goddess of the kitchen and she fed us the most glorious food that all we could do was take a nap. when my sister decided she was a photographer she killed that, too. i would be jealous if i wasn't busy wondering how the hell she does it all and still maintains an amazing sense of humor. plus, she will kick your ass if you fuck with the people she loves. be warned.

my sister is going to be a mother soon and i know without a doubt in my heart that she will be the most amazing mother, the most poised mother, the most beautiful and outstanding example for her daughter. you see, my sister is a strong person. she is stronger than almost anyone i have ever met in my life and she never boasts that. she never says, "hey, i am better than you!" but you know it when you are in her presence because it is impossible to ignore. she is well spoken, intelligent, strong, confident, humble, and just plain fucking awesome. i am proud to say that my sister is, like, totally my bff. and stuff. when we moved to the east coast she gave us a place to vacation, she fed us food, she made charli love her and her amazing tricks, and she became gage's most favorite person of all. in short, my sister is better than you.

so happy birthday, brook, i love you so much. we all do. thank you for being the person i can always look up to and for always being there for me. having you in my life makes every day better and i am constantly grateful to have you here and to know you. you will always be my big sister, but most importantly you have become an amazing friend and presence in my life. <3

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