scattered updates

- i think it is super cute that chunk says "anks" when you give her what she wants / asks for. pretty proud that gage, her daddy, and myself are good role models creating a polite little 18 month old monster.

- i have 8 boxes packed.

- we have a place to live in virginia. a house. with a big yard. and a great kitchen. that was stressful.

- gage is giving us a run for our money - 4 is a hard age, but i applaud his search for independence and his fighting spirit while he figures it out.

racism is alive and well.

- ugh.

- gage has been using chunk's barbie to "dust" our house this week in preparation for the move.

- charli is talking like crazy. she talks so much that i can't even keep track of all the crazy words coming out of her mouth. when she talks like a sheep, she screams "BAAAAAA" and that is pretty darn funny.

- we took gage on his first train ride in strasburg, pa. he loved it. he thanked me for the educational experience and told me how much he enjoys that we help him learn.

- my 4 year old is going on 40.

- chunk's doctor ignored my requests to look at her diaper rash the last 2 months resulting in an emergency appointment where i learned (from a new doc) that she had a serious yeast infection. i was not a happy mom.

- balsamic, mustard, rosemary, and garlick make an awesome marinade for almost everything. 

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