i am a horrible blogger keeper upper. i am an even worse blogger keeper upper in the midst of stress and moving and all of the other things that come along with that. i also feel like a horrible mother because i am letting my kids watch way more teevee than they should be right now because they let me actually pack boxes and go through the house when they do. damn, honesty.

but this is not about me. this is about my amazing little gage man.

having a crazy 18 month old is difficult right now. she doesn't understand why i keep putting everything in boxes and she is mad at me and the world because of it. with her personality alone i have no idea how i would be doing this, but with the amazing superhero that is gage, i can.

you see, my little 40 year old is a miracle worker. he sees me getting into packing the house and he understands what needs to be done to get us from this apartment to our shiny new yard. without me asking gage has stepped up his role of being a big brother and he keeps chunk entertained while i pack each of our things away. gage may be strict in action (uncle tom, donuts are not healthy for us), but he is completely understanding and bending when it comes to the ultimate goal.

i am so proud of my little man for being such a big man. i am so proud of the love and affection that he shows to his little sister during such a difficult stage of transition. he may be a handful sometimes, (mom, i say these things because i know everything and every person else is ridiculously) but he is wise and sweet beyond his years. my little man is such an amazing and important part of this family and i am just grateful to have him and to be able to learn from him.

i never thought these things to be possible - but i love him more with each day and each second. i am so thankful to be his mother and to be able to have a hand in raising him. i love my little man.

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