another night

i am covered in vomit. is that a pretty picture? no. is it terrifying? absolutely. i put chunk down to bed tonight and a half an hour later she started coughing so hard that i pulled her out of bed and she immediately dispelled the contents of her stomach on me. i called the doc and he proceeded to explain that as "normal". i found myself half believing him and half still worried. i am so tired of this. i know i am complaining, but seriously ... rabble.

my little ge man was such a champ today, as always. i have a never ending amount of amazed by what a good kid he is. i am so grateful that he was my first born because he made having kids such a cake walk in so many regards. we are looking at a lot of changes coming up and he is all like, "hell yeah, mom, bring it on." i wish that i had half of the strength that he does, but i sleep well at night knowing that we help him along with the environment to believe.

i am so bored at this point that i am willing to climb walls, i just lack the energy. 2 more days until answer time. waiting....

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