croup watch, now 2012 edition

new years eve brought us the gift of our sweet baby boy being the sickest he has been in his almost 4 years. i spent the morning at the doctor's office with ge hearing words like, "severe ear infection" and "croup". i also spent the day getting prescriptions of steroids and amoxicillin while the husband and the chunk bought bed bound presents to keep the ge man feeling special and entertained. watching my little boy struggle to breathe and gasp for air was the most helpless feeling i have felt as a parent.

we have spent many moments of the last few days sitting on our patio in the middle of the night to open ge's airways as he struggled to breathe. sunday night he laid down into bed with tears in his eyes and asked me if he would ever feel better. sunday night i spent 30 minutes in the freezing middle of night air with him wondering if this was the moment we give in and head to the hospital against his wishes. yesterday he spent the day curled up on the couch, the most defeated of all the days since the sickness came on, but we saw light at the end of the tunnel because he started wanting food and sleep. last night he woke up, but not as a seal, and i let out the biggest sigh of relief that ever was.

this morning my little man is lying in bed watching his 1989 super mario cartoons and feeling like there might be hope left that he won't feel like shit forever. after not really sleeping for the last 4 days i am hopeful that the worst is over. did you know that it is impossible to sleep when your kids are sick? it is for me. i am delirious with the no sleep. the husband and i are keeping our fingers crossed that chunk escapes this and that we can reclaim our house and our lives. here in phillie we are under the grasps of an arctic blast for the next few days, but this weekend is shaping up to be 50 degrees and i think we are all ready to get the hell out of this house and enjoy some sunshine.

the husband and i did get to enjoy our new year's eve together at home while on croup watch. we watched the dick clark special, made a lot of jokes, had a lot of laughs, shared the most amazing nye kiss i have ever had, drank a bit of champagne, and simply enjoyed each other's company. i know this is cheese tastic, but i really do benefit so much in my life from being married to him. i am lucky that my husband is the best friend i could ask for.

chunk is still talking more and more every day. she has not liked the fact that we have kept her and ge separated so much the last few days and i know she misses being allowed to play with him. she has acted out a bit more, but really she couldn't be much more of a terror in general. well, i think. what she has developed the last few days is more of an ability to keep herself entertained, which is relieving in a lot of ways. i keep telling myself that she will get a bit older and will be easier to deal with, but as she gets older she just gets more stubborn angry diva. trifecta of insanity inducing frustrations. she is lucky she is so cute and hilarious because right now she is a lot of hard to handle.

we welcome 2012 with open arms. after the last few days i am hoping for some sleep. ge is hoping to feel better. the husband is hoping for better month ends and to wrap a peruvian neck tie on someone tonight at jits. chunk is hoping for chocolate, a billion books to read, and more people to scream at. wait, no, i am hoping that she screams at someone other than me. i have no doubt that 2012 is going to bring us a lot of exciting changes and opportunities in our life and i am looking forward to all that is on the horizon.

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