he knows what he wants

"as you know, mom, i don't always enjoy playing with those goopy paints in my bath. sometimes i would like more colors or even a crayon."

this last week ge decided he needed to be able to count to 100. i have him up to 20 and he is completely irritated with me because he isn't able to count to 100 yet. we have been working on writing our letters for the last week and he is doing exceptionally well, but is also irritated with me because he can't spell complex words. i take a lot of shit because my kids have unrealistic expectations. i prefer this over the other, though, and will try and remind myself of that next time chunk yells at me because she doesn't know how to operate heavy machinery, yet. the challenges of having intelligent and driven children ... yeesh. first world problems all up in my house today this month. 

speaking of this month - january can suck it. yes, we got a hug job promotion this month, but it has pretty much just sucked a nut from start to finish. i am looking forward to february and all of its gage and husband birthday glory. i think i might even accept valentine's day into my life this year and doing something nice just for skuz for the husband and kids. normally i hate valentine's day, but i think we could use all the reasons to celebrate that we can find in the second month of the year. hopefully we get a move date soon so i can finally take a big step forward and figure out what we really need to do next. 

birthday weekend is fast approaching for my little man. i can't wait to have the husband home for 3 days of celebration. superhero birthday weekend is totally going to rock socks. 

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