the millionth time

this is chunk's favorite book in the whole wide world. the child loves books. i cannot emphasize enough how much she loves - nay, LOVES - books. she spends the majority of every day bringing us books and screaming at us until we properly comply with her wishes and read to her with the proper tone in the proper place. if we do not have enough excitement in our voice? tantrum. did you want to sit like you were sitting? tantrum. are you doing the dishes? push and pull on your legs and proceed with a tantrum. is she awake? tantrum.

i lost my train of thought.

monkeys. (MONIES!!)

this morning chunk brought me her "monies" book. she was excited to have found it agains because it has been "lost" for the last few days. i have no idea who would have misplaced such a lovely book. perhaps someone who has read it at least 20 times a day for a month. do you think i am exaggerating? come babysit. she handed the book to me, sat on my lap, and when i opened it up she said "hand hand thumb". which, aside from the word fingers is the beginning lines of the book. not bad, chunkosaurus. perhaps all this book reading business is actually paying off. and i thought she was just fucking with us.

okay, i know she is fucking with us, just not when it comes to monkeys.

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