dear sickness -

please, gtfo. we are done with you. we hate you. you are like the person at the end of the party that refuses to leave. we do not want to put you up on our couch for the night and next time we have a party we will tell bill not to invite you because you were only an annoyance. you have more than overstayed your welcome (and, let's be honest, you were never really "welcome" in the first place.)


sick of being sick. 

on a more serious note - this cold sucks. i don't even know if it's a cold anymore since it is also acting like a flu. my poor husband woke up yesterday being a little bit complainy and today he woke up in full blown sick land and we do not have time for this shit. my husband has the biggest moment in his career coming up on tuesday and he can honestly not be sick for it. i have been loading him up on tea and medicine with a side kicker of soup all day and all we can do is cross our fingers. i personally have been battling a 6 day migraine with a chest full of awful and cannot seem to move anywhere past the stage of "bleecccccchhhh". 

on a strange yet related note i had a moment of super pride with the husband tonight when chunk puked all over him and he didn't even flinch. go husband. 

chunk sounds horrible. i have had more mucous and vomit on me in the last week than anyone at a rave ever dealt with. as much as i appreciate the magnificence that is a nasal aspirator, i am fucking sick of using one. i encourage everyone to steal the nasal aspirator the hospital provides you with when your babies are born, though, because i have never been able to find anything better than the ones they "give" you at the hospital. turns out chunkers hates being sick and turns even more drama when filled with the devil mucous. she can scream really loud. 

ge is finally getting better and has finished out all of his meds as of tonight. i couldn't be more proud of my little man for how well he has handled taking so many disgusting medications while on his quest to fight the death cold. we have had a few minor incidences of coughing up meds, but he has taken them like a champ for a week and a half and the results are a happy little boy that is back to making crazy sounds and jumping up and down. his only issue has been that everyone has gotten sick after him so we are all pretty much boring and germ infested. poor ge. 

i am trying to keep my head above water right now and get everyone in the house back on track before i truly sit down and take care of myself. i have this never ending learning curve of appreciation for how much my mother did for us growing up. until you have a family of your own it is hard to understand the sacrifices and work that go in to really caring for a family and making sure they are okay. i have no complaints, honestly, but shit it's work. i wouldn't sign up for any other job - even if this one is currently covered in snot. 

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