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yesterday i took chunky in for her 6 month well check, and well check that ended in her not being well, which seems ironic. the fever and the screaming from her shots was a bit excessive this round, and i felt horrible for her when she woke up this morning and her injection sites on her legs were burning hot. i hate shots. i mean, i know that they are good for her and blah, blah, blah, but they suck. her doctor gave her the thumbs up before the nurses gave her her shots, and i breathed a sigh of relief knowing that she is doing well. you always assume they are, but you also always worry they are not. silly mom stresses.

i have decided to blog my way through the month of april and have committed to nablopomo for the 30 days. 30 days for the 30 years that i have been alive. i can't not believe i am going to be 30. if you would have asked 25 year old me if i would be in an amazing marriage with my best friend, the mother of 2 beautiful children, and living on the east coast when i was 30 i would have most likely fallen on the ground with laughter. i cannot believe what a difference a year makes, let alone 5. i am so proud of myself for being where i am today and instead of crying through my birthday i have decided to celebrate it. the last few years have been so fulfilling, and i am looking forward to more life.

i am sure there is more to say. i am sure that my son's addiction to mickey mouse is borderline crazy. i am sure that i am so damb sick of winter i could scream. seriously, wtf is up with all the cold weather, east coast? i need some spring. i need some walking weather. i need something other than bitter ass cold and windy. and now you are telling me that snow might be here in the next day or so? you can just eff the right off, mother nature. and with that i am off to recreate rice krispie eggs with ge like in the cute commercial; it looked like a good time, but i am thinking about turning them into monsters.

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