with or without lube

williams-sonoma always feel a bit like rape when i am checking out from my most recent purchase. when i purchased chunk's beaba babycook it felt a lot like rape - and that was only with two additional accessories. today i bought four jars for the food that were 30 dollars. and i hurt. and the guy who admired ge's mohawk as we checked out laughed when i told him i needed to take out a loan to afford all the goodness that his store has to offer.

my husband was hesitant when i told him that i wanted to purchase a 150 $ blender / steamer to cook the chunk's food. he saw the bargain that gerber had to offer in a jar, and i saw processed foods and chemicals in evil glass containers. he agreed to give in on the condition that i stop whining, and also promised that he would give my "hippie kid food needs" a chance.

so yesterday i plugged the babycook in and gave it a whirl. in 15 minutes the device has steamed a sweet potato to perfection. i dumped the orange potatoes from the steamer basket into the bowl, and the cooking water and blades whirled together with the starchy goodness and created a creamy, preservative free baby food that tasted - well, wonderful. and i don't even like sweet potatoes! i couldn't even stand the smell of ge's gerber baby food crap and i could have eaten a bowl of chunk's delicious first meal. now all we had to do is try in on the baby that loves boobs more than most men.

chunk wasn't too keen on it at first. part of that may have been because i allowed her 3 yr old brother to feed her her first few bites and he thought that he needed to jam the spoon down her throat. part of that was probably that she was confused why we would try and feed her anything else than teh milks because they are delicious. she started to figure out how to eat after about 10 minutes of trying, and she stated making less disgusted faces as the 1st feeding session went on.

no upset tummy today and we gave the leftovers another try - success! she enjoyed the orange goodness today and was starting to really understand the concept of a spoon. today she probably made it through about 3 tablespoons. we will have sweet potatoes again tomorrow before moving on to a green veggie on wednesday. tomorrow is doctor day, so i don't feel like we should try something new right after we have nurses stab her in the leg.

so my thoughts on the beaba baby? worth every freaking penny. you can cook veggies, fruits, pastas, rice, meats, and anything else blend-able in there. the clean up is easy and i am hoping that it will lend itself to expanding her palette at a young age. the cook book i got to go with it suggests starting in fresh herbs (like mint with peas) once she gets situated on solids. there are curries, rosemary salmon dishes, and the occasional delicious fruit combination. ge hates food with a passion and i am hoping that by starting the chunk of right we can avoid her craving potato chips rather than, oh, anything else.

ge is absolutely obsessed with mickey mouse club-house. i purchased him the little mickey and pluto stuffed animals last week. and today, as a treat, we went to the "mousey story" so he could pick out 3 more animals and 1 for chunk. he picked out minnie, daisy, and goofy for him and an adorable cat for chunk. my little boy, who is so all boy, will pick the girliest of stuffed animals and the pinkest of toys when you let him. i love the innocence of children, and hope that i can preserve his preferences without him finding out that society can be stupid and judgy for as long as possible.

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