recipe for success

glass of wine. indian chicken curry. sleeping kids. good conversation. angry birds. mma. retail therapy. and the hopes for an eventual night of sleep.

chunk finally slept last night. thank you, gods of teething. her second tooth was a bitch. and i don't mean a female puppy. or dog. apparently i like periods. tonight. this has been a long week, but tonight i feel better. lack of sleep and emotional stress are not my friends. neither are my neighbors. in fact, they have never brought me cookies. perhaps i should bring them some.

i am trying my hand at cross stitching. my sister told me that, "you just count." she was right! it's actually kind of easy. again, something related to a neighbor i once had.

charli is babbling. gage's favorite thing to do is ask us a question and then tell us we are wrong. i am ready for spring and for walks and for temperatures out of 40. over the hill temperatures. i am glad it is the weekend. i am glad that my husband is awesome. i am glad that i have leftovers for breakfast. and i am glad that my glass of wine is still half full.

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  1. "You just count," works for many, many things. I'm going to use that as my go-to advice from now on.