excuses, excuses.

why haven't i been here, internet?: well, life has been happening. life has been happening so much that i am forgetting how to walk, or type, or even breathe for that matter. chunk turned into a monster, cut a tooth (working on #2 now), learned how to sit up, and started enjoying a bit of belly time. ge literally spends his free time sitting in his room practicing new and 3-year-oldery ways of saying the word "no". when he isn't screaming no at me we are busy building trains, learning to count in order (up to six, conceptually has the amount of 4 down), singing our alphabet, or listening to him tell me his favorite things (the color blue, blue's clues, percy the train, bob the builder, and ice cream). and my husband decided to top off my ultimate stress level by angering someone so badly that he threatened his life, resulting in a restraining order being place against the guy and my husband making jokes that i did not appreciate. i don't know why men cannot understand that their fight training does not, in fact, stop fracking bullets. rabble.

so i have been busy. plus, i have had family in town. we spent and awesome few days with my mom and my sister, flashy soup can. and in the middle of their visit we had a rainstorm that literally flooded the schuylkill and we had the chance to wander around and look at the houses-turned-islands and magical disappearing roads. east coast storms are bad asses.

and right now i should really be cleaning my house, but i am not. obviously. i will get there, though, as it is my husband and i's favorite holiday (st pattys!) and it is our anniversary tomorrow. my husband is the shit and i absolutely love being married to him and we are both so excited to just celebrate us tomorrow. because we rule. and are cooler than school. and way more awesome than drool. threatened, kanye? you're not the only one that can drop a sick ass rhyme.

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