shhhhhhhhh ...

chunk actually napped today. that makes the first time she has slept for more than 10 minutes in what seems like forever. when you don't get any sleep for weeks on end the days all seem to drift together; sort of like the lifetime movie network. i filled my time cleaning the crazy out of our home and answering question after question from ge. 3 year olds really have the words "what" and "why" on lock down.

"mom, what are these?"


"what kind of ducks?"

"yellow ducks."

"what kind of yellow ducks?"

"the kind of yellow ducks that don't say moo."

"why don't they say moo?"

"because they aren't cows."

"why aren't they cows?"

"because they are ducks."

"what kind of ducks?"

it sort of feels like a hardcore version of pete and repeat sitting on a fence except pete falls down a very alice in wonderland type well and someone is taking acid and the words just keep flying by in different sorts of font and size. it's just. that. intense.

30 for 30 starts tomorrow. i am hoping to get my blog on for 30 continuous days. it's about to get blogified up in kerry land. you have been warned.

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  1. I have a three year old, and they are fantastically talented at asking questions!