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i became incredibly inspired about the munchkin's food choices today while catching up on meet the dubiens. looking through pages and pages of amazon goodies, i started thinking that mebbe it would be possible to move ge over to a gluten free diet for a while by turning his food into a lot of fun. the little bento boxes, cutters, shapers, and random container goodies could actually make him enjoy eating!

so, anyone just looking to send me random things for absolutely no reason, please feel free to consider the first 13 items on my amazon wish list. ;) otherwise i am sure i will start collecting these things on my own as i can. i need a game plan to commit to a multiple week gluten cleanse for our home and i just don't know exactly how to move forward with ge. i am hoping that i can put together an arsenal of ideas and recipes for when i begin to make sure that there is no slip ups along the way. i want to make it a commitment that i can succeed at.

spending the time to find all of these things has made me feel like i might be able to do the cleanse for him that i have known i need to do for a while. ge has always had tummy problems and i want to do whatever i can to help him, and a gluten free diet is most likely the next best step forward.

my thyroid ultrasound came back normal. blood tests should be in in the next few days. this morning i woke up with two giant burn blisters on my fingers and i was absolutely shocked. i can't believe that my hands are so numb these days that i couldn't even feel a burn bad enough to give me these blisters. even typing this i can't really feel my fingers connecting to the keys, unless the tingling kicks in for a moment and reminds me i still have fingers. i am so tired of all this. my anxiety and my depression have really ramped up the last few days; i am just so tired of feeling like crap.

many life changes coming soon. i am going to go all boy scout on them and earn my "bitch was super prepared for that!" badge. wish me luck!

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