ham fried goodness

a few nights back i made a delicious stir fry that i placed over quinoa. at that time i had me an idea - i love ham fried rice, ham fried rice is not good for me, maybe if i made extra quinoa i could use that in the place of rice and conjure myself up a beautiful ham fried quinoa that gave me all of the protein and none of the guilt. turns out, yes! yes, i can.

and so, with my leftover quinoa, i designed a new and improved fried 'rice' that tastes absolutely amazing. if you are still trying to figure out if you are a quinoa person, but you love brown rice, you will never know the difference! choose your own vegetables, saute them along with some chicken or ham (i love ham!), add in some leftover quinoa ('round 8 or so minutes, all together), and cook it all over medium or so heat until they start to taste great. push all of that to the side and add in a few eggs, scrambled, and cook them until they are almost done, but still a bit runny. mix together. add in enough soy sauce that you feel good about yourself, and if you have it on hand (i always do) a bit of sesame oil really pushes this dish over the edge. get everyone in the pan acquainted, give your husband the evil eye, tell him it sucks, and eat it all yourself so you don't have to share.

delicious! healthy! and eaaassssyyyy.

my good idea turned out great. go me. :)

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