my day had me

today has been a long day for so many reasons. i have really had to be on my a game the last 48 hours and last night the chunk-a-tron didn't really allot me the amount of sleep necessary for my a game. i occasionally felt like my game was a little more b minus today.

my long awaited internal medicine doctor's visit was today. friday i get a full blood panel workup and a throat ultrasound, but my doctor's first diagnosis is a "serious" thyroid condition and celiacs disease. celiacs doesn't concern me, because i have watched my sister kick ass at her gluten free life and i know that she will be there to give me advice and help me learn to cook, but i don't so much like the thyroid issues. no matter what i am ready to put the days of feeling awful behind me and hope that i can simply get a diagnosis and a path forward to feeling the best kerry that i can be.

right now america's next top model is on (go hannah!), there is a glass of wine to be drank, and silence to be enjoyed. and i am going to use these next minutes before i head off into slumber land to relax and reflect. cheers.

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