i want to blog about my day, about my mother, about my sister, about the michael bolton being the most awesome person in the world that ever sang a song about jack sparrow, but i don't. my morning started early and was full of happy like tears. today has been here, but a bit off, and i am ready to just find my peace and blog tomorrow. my mom is such an amazing person that when i send her all of my positive thoughts she will not care that they came a day later than hallmark wanted me to send them. plus, we have already spent the weekend talking, and telling her over the phone that she is nothing short of amazing is just as meaningful as my mom day ramblings of the keyboard variety.

i will say this : the highlight of today was my 3 year old, gage, telling me "happy birthday mother's day!" and literally running towards me to hug me. to say i burst out into tears is an understatement. this day is not a celebration of me, to me, but a celebration of all the people in my life who helped me to be a mother. and i am grateful. and i am tired. and i am ready for a glass of wine.

to all the mothers, to all of my women friends, to all of the people that have had a mother to celebrate - happy mother's day. happy day in general. , ma

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