my favorite daily sountrack

ge all out refused to sing and hated when other people sang just a few short months ago. but i persisted and rose above his screams of "nooooo" while i sang the abc song over and over on our drives about town. and then, one random day, he stopped screaming "noooo" and he just sat there, tolerating my obnoxious renditions of twinkle twinkle and the abc song. and then he slowly started paying attention, and then practicing on his own, and then singing to me, and finally he burst out singing his songs with pride. he will still only sing 2 songs, but he is listening, and i am happy for now. i love music and i hope to give him that gift of appreciation, if i can.

so it is with great pride that i present you with my little man's first 2 musical performances by way of my flip video camera. i think he is so adorable, but of course i am biased.

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  1. Oh my heck!!! He is the cutest thing ever! his voice, the song..Oh i love it!!!