the best part of waking up

first thing in the morning, when my husband is rising from bed to get ready for work, i like to shift myself and my pillow over to his side of the bed and saddle into supreme comfort. i do this because i love the smell and the reminder of him just existing. ge often walks in shortly after, with the biggest pouty pants face ever, to crawl up next to me and ask sadly why daddy has to go to work. one day, during the comfort and the pouting, i let ge know that daddy has to go to work so we can have a house and presents; ge replied saying, "i don't want presents, i just want daddy to stay home." and my heart melted.

i may be the person that cleans our home, cooks our dinners, and cares for the kids throughout the day, but my husband is the glue that holds everything together. not only is he amazingly handsome, but he is such a caring and loving man. there isn't a single day that passes where he puts his own needs in front of anyone else and he always knows how to bring a smile and a laugh in the very hardest of times. i know it is cliché, and perhaps a bit fluffy lovey, but he really is my best friend and the light at the end of my tunnel. it would be impossible to put words to the way that i love him, and the way he loves us.

and so, in those morning minutes, i take in everything i feel for him with a deep breath and an intense feeling of appreciation and love. i may not tell him those feelings each day, but i try and never let a moment go by where i don't let him now that he is our strength and peace. and every day those moments are the most relaxing ones for me, the ones that get me ready to great my day and ready myself for whatever insanity the little uns' are about to bring upon me. i do not know what heaven feels like, but i imagine it has nothing on that.

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