the beatles were right

- it is getting better all the time.

today has been a much easier day. perhaps that is because i bought a fan and a few clothes i feel good in from the target, or perhaps it is because i noticed that since i stopped taking the zoloft my hair actually stopped falling out, perhaps it is the antibiotics finally kicking in, or it is simply because i have an amazing family that has rallied around me for days. i wish i could say that my poor husband is doing well, but it is month end and his numbers aren't where they should be and he is very rabble rabble.

today ge and i battled back and forth about every hour or so. we are working on listening, which is far easier said than done. chunk is really wanting to crawl, but only thinks that that can be done while floundering about on her over-sized belly. and as much as i want to blog, i am tired and 30 days is a long time. i started out so passionate, but i have just lost that loving blog feeling.

and it's gone, gone, gone ... woahohahoh ba dum ba dum.

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