post of the day, take two

today i somehow managed to cook, clean, and care for the kids on such a minimal amount of sleep that i think chunk is turning me into a robot, too. we had fun, though, and ge loving the game epic mickey on wii was helpful for a bit of downtime when the chunk was taking her 15 minute nap.

i had ge help me put the roast in the crock pot today and help me make mashed potatoes and he was just so happy to be there helping. the kid is a natural in the kitchen and is completely enthralled with the process of cooking. i love his inquisitive nature and his love for getting in and helping no matter the situation. he is such an observant little guy and that can be both challenging and rewarding, depending on the situation. he doesn't forget anything and remembers things that happened over a year ago at only 3 years old. when he is trying to recall something that happened i can watch him view the moment in his mind through pictures and his words can never seem to come out as quick as the pictures he sees in his head. we have to often help him along a bit to find some of his words because he gets stalled and gets frustrated pretty easily. i hate to be "that mom", but the kid is just so damn brilliant.

having a 3 year old is such a surreal experience at times. he is so loving and tender and so willing to turn on you at any moment for any reason. i feel like i am often walking a tight rope to make sure that everything is held together and i have to be honest, my feet are tired. this weekend the husband is going to be stand-in-mom so i can do a bit of mall shopping for my upcoming dirty 30 birthday. i cannot wait to smell the commerce during the first moment i have been without a mini attachment in over a year. i am just hoping that the clothes i buy fit me as well as my beautiful family.

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