learning as we go

ge is currently slouched over in his chair, becoming more and more of a pouty lump as the minutes tick by. occasionally he will spring from his chair and exclaim, "mom, it's one o'clock yet?". and i reply no, again, for the eleventy billionth time. lesson learned :

next time we are going to see aunt brook, do not tell the mini, until we are literally heading out the door, that we are going for a visit. he just gets so excited; he won't eat, he sleeps horribly, and he spend every waking moment asking when the hell we are going and thinking that his dad and i are completely incompetent and idiotic because why in the eff wouldn't we just leave now!? that little guy loves him some aunt brook. her house is a magical place full of puppies and happiness. why wouldn't he love it? we do, too.

(i failed to mention in my last post that the same pouty pants 3 year old also hilariously asks me, "mom, what's so funny about?" anytime i burst out laughing over something.)

of course the forecast for saturday is rain, rain, thunder, wind, and a bit more rain. so plans to wander the streets of annapolis are most certainly not a go, but delicious food and a bit of adult time with my husband is. i am getting really damb sick of all of this weather and i know that everyone else, from the west to the east is, too.

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