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ge came running in from the patio today and happily screamed, "mom! it's just so nice to play bubbles outside!" the gods of weather finally shined a beautiful day of sunshine and 70 degrees upon us and he so enjoyed running outside and blowing bubbles and drawing with his chalk. i love watching him play outside; he always looks so genuinely happy. a lot like how he looks when he plays with his daddy.

we have been working on counting with ge for the past few months. i literally spent about 3 weeks trying to convince him that the number 5 exists. normally when he would count he would go, "1, 2, 3, 4 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 8, 9, 10!" 5, 6, and 7 really felt left out. one of his favorite games is hide and seek and we incorporated a need to count before we played at all and the other day, as he told his dad to go hide by the couch, he started counting and he counted from 1 - 15 and he included all of the numbers, and i was so excited that i let out a little yelp and felt a lot like crying. he counts to fifteen, he will actually sing me the entire alphabet song and he doesn't miss a letter, and he loves singing me twinkle twinkle little star.

my favorite activity of the ge man lately is his love for his mickey mouse clubhouse plush dolls. they are just the little disney store guys, perfect size for his 3 year old little hands, and he loves them. wow, does he ever love them. disney should start paying me for how often that kid watches, references, and dreams about mickey mouse. he currently owns pink minnie, red minnie, mickey, pluto, goofy, daisy, and donald and he carries them around the house with them. he loves to make his dad and i give them voices and act out games with them. but when he is having his own time in his room he will sit with all of them and give them his voice, and make them have his scenarios, and if you peek in on him while he is doing it he immediately turns red in the face and stops. and so i will sit by the door to his bedroom without him knowing and i will listen to my beautiful little three year old boy give his favorite toys his own voice. and wow, his voice is the cutest thing i have ever heard. and mickey and his friends, they fight, the make-up, the are never allowed to hit each other, and they always give one another hugs when something happened at ge's clubhouse to make them sad. listening to him give those dolls life makes me so proud to have such a sweet and beautiful little boy.

he may make crazy sounds, or tell me no when i try to do things like feed him, or put him to bed. but he is my pain in the ass little three year old and i love him more and more with each passing day. he gives me, his dad, and his little sister a voice, too.

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