nice patrol

ge has become the hall monitor of that which is nice and that which is not. the which is not being things that ge does not want to happen. today he took a toy away from chunk, a toy that he knew he wasn't supposed to take away. when i let him know that it isn't nice to take toys away from other people he responded with, "mom, it's not nice to tell me it's not nice." yeah, that makes sense. telling him to go to bed, getting upset if he does something wrong, and asking him not to climb underneath my feet as i walk are all not nice things to do. today a bee tried to come into our home and he closed the glass door and gave the bee a lecture about how coming into our home is also not a nice thing to do. he has become the hall monitor on all things not nice for ge.

chunk decided last night that sleep wasn't necessary. i disagreed, but my cries weren't as loud as hers when i was trying to sneak in at least five seconds of shut eye between her crazy needs. i assume she is going through a growth spurt, teething, or a learning curve of some kind. i take that back, she is pretty much just being 7 months old. and, in a moment of tmi (but one other women who breastfe(e)d could appreciate) ytf do the little ones think that biting after feeding is hilarious!? she will seriously finish up the second side and clamp down. when i yell out she starts laughing and looks so proud. babies are evil. plus, they still chew on your shit and don't poop outside like puppies. mebbe an american bulldog named matthew mcconaughey would have been a better choice. mebbe not.

we have decided not to tell the kids that a giant bunny is going to hop around and bring them presents on sunday, but rather to let them know that we love them and bought them a basket of gifts. i had a hard time with the santa thing, but i have to admit that the excitement for christmas was fun. i just don't think a giant rabbit is something i want to start making lies about. and, to be honest, i find the tooth fairy incredibly creepy. i would rather them believe in powdered toast man.

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