i am so tired. i am so tired that there are moments of saturday afternoon that i do not remember. i am so tired that last night i thought i was going crazy, but really wasn't, but still had my husband taste test rancid meat. something that he did not appreciate. i am so tired that when i woke up this morning i felt like i could have fallen asleep standing for the first two hours of my day. i am so tired that i can't even focus any longer.

ge was never like this. he was never a robot baby that could go without sleep. he was like me - later to bed and sleep in for a bit in the morning. he didn't stay awake for days on end. he didn't nap for 15 minutes in the day and then demand to play. he was a lot less evil. a lot.

i am hoping to sleep tonight. i am crossing my fingers that evil robot puppy baby gives me at least 5 hours of sleep. i am crossing my fingers that i don't hear the sound of her lifting her legs up in the air and slamming them down on the mattress. that noise signals trouble. that noise signals that i am not going to sleep, again.

the beginning of this month is not starting out how i had wished, but i remain hopeful. the husband brought me home a universal charger for my laptop today and i am happy to have it back; even if i am having a hard time remembering how to use it. it was beautiful outside today and i left the door open while ge ran in and out in between playing with his bubbles on the patio. i am off to bath chunk and put her to bed so i can put myself to bed. i am so ready to welcome my covers.


  1. I'm thinking chunk and kaia are in communication. She's been doing the same lately: light naps during the day, up a LOT at night, signalled by kicking legs, scratching on crib, growling and generally letting us know she's awake.
    I hope they grow out of it soon!!!

  2. I'm sorry! Trying to function off of no sleep day after day is so hard! I hope she will nap better and sleep at night so you can get your rest!
    ..PS I have loved reading all your entries, and want to comment on them all, but I'll spare you my rambling!