day 5 (ish) meh edition

this afternoon the kids and i finished up our shopping trip and i asked ge if i could have his hand to walk through the parking lot and he spent the following 20 minutes lecturing me because "we don't have people's hands, we hold them." and no, i did not teach him that. 

today has been rough. last night i didn't sleep; i had an incredibly weird out of body experience every time i came close to falling asleep. last night i could hear and sense everything going on around me, but my body would never let me fully fall to sleep. to say i am exhausted is an understatement. the zoloft detox has me in a bit of a depression funk today, to say the least, but i powered through and spent quality time with ge playing ring around the rosie and we laughed and laughed every time we all fell down. if it weren't for my amazing family i don't know if i could make it through everything going on right now.

living in a phillie swamp-like weather has not helped boost my mood as it is muggy and hot right now. yes, it may seem like i complain a lot, but it is seriously muggy right now. our home has no ceiling fans and ventilation is for not, so i am sending the husband to buy a fan tomorrow so we can get a bit of relief. 

the most important thing to me right now is a reminder that this too shall pass. and i know it will. 

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