easy like sunday evening

this might make me a horrible mother, but i am excited for when the kids go to bed tonight. it's not that i don't love them, or think that they are hilarious and wonderful, but they are loud. and the youngest one thinks that sleep isn't necessary. and the 3 year old has taken to either asking questions or making random noises in a very loud manner. they have given us a run for our money today and i think that both the husband and i are looking forward to ending our weekend by sitting in a quiet room saying nothing unless necessary.

this weekend has been a wonderful one. the temperature actually rose above 40 today and ge and his daddy went and played at the park while chunk and i had the most peaceful grocery shopping trip ever. my windows were open and fresh air poured in, making me spring happy. sushi last night was delicious and morning glory was a surprisingly delightful movie. the only issues i take with weekends is the quickness with which they fly by. time just keeps flying by and i want to snatch it up and slow it down for a while.

up tonight is a bit of vodka suace over penne, some fresh garlic bread, and strawberry shortcake(ish) for dessert. i am looking forward to enjoying the last minutes with my husband before he disappears into his work week. luckily his last month was a good one and he is heading in tomorrow with less stress than usual. i am also looking forward to getting out and taking the kids for a walk in what the weatherman claims will be a 70 degrees monday.

we were joking today that if we didn't have the kids we would be off exploring philadelphia, spending too much money on fancy wine and fancy dinners. we talked about all the toys we could have and all the exciting things we could do, but at the end of it all we decided that we would just want to get pregnant anyway. i have had so many years where i have wanted to be something, hell, anything other than myself. i was jealous of what other people looked like, what they had, where they went, and who they knew. but now, for the first time in my life, i wouldn't change a thing. if i was anyone else i wouldn't be the mother to 2 beautiful children or a wife to the most amazing man i have ever known. it has taken me (almost) 30 years to get here, but i am ... here. i have arrived. and just in time. i told the husband i wanted ice cream cake for my birthday ... at least i get an excuse to indulge.

and before i end this, as i sit watching the husband hold chunk she is literally trying to chew a table. a table. she gets angry when he pulls her away from the table. i thought i gave birth to a real live baby girl, but it turns out she is a puppy. a puppy that never sleeps.

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