that's stupid silly, mom

for easter we got chunk an adorable little "book" by vtech that sings songs and does other flashy crap that 6 month olds love. the 3 year old loves it, too, as he is finally getting into the whole music isn't evil thing. he is currently obsessed with the hey diddle diddle rhyme and presses it just to tell me, "mom, dishes don't run away with spoons, that's stupid silly. we wash the dishes."

ge absolutely hates jokes and refuses to talk about things that are not possible. he loves to sit in his room with his dad and make his dad talk to him through his mickey mouse doll. yesterday ge and mickey mouse were having a conversation and his dad tried to use his own voice for a second and he said, "dad, i am not talking to you, i am talking to mickey!" i am glad that his dad is patient, and has a decent mickey voice, because ge loves to "play that game"

and everything we do is a "game" in ge's world. he will literally look at me and say, "mom, let's play that game where i say bleck." or any other crazy sound of the moment. he uses the word game for any activity he wants to do. he has an amazing memory and told me the other day that he misses his old sandbox, a sandbox that he had in our old house over a year and a half ago. he remembers things that happened throughout his second year of life with vivid detail. i guess my point is that the kid is brilliant and we love him. and i just felt like writing it down.

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